Case Study - Water

Real Time Monitoring of Water & Energy consumption for Chandigarh Water Treatment Plant

Client : Chandigarh Municipality

The Project

Chandigarh is a union territory in the North of India which is located 260 kms from the capital city of New Delhi and serves a population of 1.1 Million producing 20 MLD of water spread across 44 Sq Miles. The city was facing issues in groundwater level supply and the manual labor that was used by the Chandigarh municipality for the water generation which led to high energy consumption.

The Work

Design, Testing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of SCADA System and RTU for the 250 nos of water pumps for energy and water consumption detection.


The benefits after installation of the system are:

  • Reduction in water consumption by 10% and energy consumption by 15%.
  • Remote monitoring improved efficiency and helped the water plants to take proactive measures.
  • Alarms were generated for exceptional errors which improved maintenance cost and reduced unplanned downtime.
  • Error reduction between actual water demand and actual water generation.

The Solution

CIMCON provided and customized web based monitoring solutions for safe operation and filtration plat to ensure minimum outage and continuous supply of water for citizens

CIMCON had its own development team in Ahmedabad who understood the needs of Chandigarh municipality and customized the SCANET software accordingly

Parameters monitored by RTU

  • Voltage & Current

  • Temperature, Line pressure and flow rate

  • Over current & Over Voltage

  • Under Protection & Over Protection

  • Automatic and scheduled based real time on/off operation for pumping stations across the city

  • Energy analytics to monitor and optimize pumping operations.

The RTU was responsible for the following functions


Acquire data from the flow meter and energy meter. Log & Store data with time stamping, and retain it even in case of power failure.


Configurable data transmission frequency. Can transmit data to the remote central station as per programmed schedule.


Make the flow rate, pressure, temperature, voltage & Current data available at the central station and to predefined mobiles on request. Any alarm generated is reported to the central station through SMS automatically independent of the normal data transmission schedule.


Remotely monitor all the parameters for improving the machine health

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