CIMCON Digital’s iEdge 360 Platform
Powering a Smart Building

Emerging sensor technologies and all-around connectivity infrastructure provides an opportunity to monitor and control building assets in real time. CIMCON iEdge 360 device is ready-made as a sensor, equipment, and appliance integration platform for buildings. This enables the transformation of both modern and older buildings into a smart building ecosystem. A typical smart building system improves energy efficiency, access control, security, and more. All this is possible due to the connectivity options and intelligent information processing that the iEdge 360 device offers at the network edge.

The iEdge 360 Platform for smart buildings works with building automation standards, off-the-shelf sensors, and common equipment types to deliver real-time insights into energy usage, space utilization, and security threats by combining data with custom-developed machine learning models for building automation use cases. CIMCON iEdge 360 for building goes beyond basic building control to extend into an intelligence driven automation platform.
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Increased use of equipment and appliances in buildings, including home and work has resulted in an unprecedented increase in energy consumption. Buildings used in industrial settings must implement access to work areas based on individual work profile, shift timings, and information sensitivity. A typical facility management team spends many person hours and money to implement such work profile-based access control. One key function of facility management within a large building is to monitor environmental conditions that are hazardous to building occupants. Securing a building against possible threats and unwanted intrusion requires a combination of sensors and equipment working together to report events in real-time.

Smart building infrastructure is simple and cost effective. Additionally, you can automate processes like energy management and access control when the system is integrated with an intelligent IoT edge platform such as CIMCON iEdge 360.

How CIMCON iEdge 360 Works with Buildings


Our iEdge 360 device is a complete system. It includes an edge management platform to complete the chain with sensor-to-cloud (or on-premises data network) integration under a single umbrella. The iEdge 360 device communicates with a range of building equipment and sensors using both wired and wireless interfaces.

One key step towards a smart building transformation includes deploying appropriate sensors for legacy equipment that lack the ability to communicate with modern computer-based building control and monitoring systems.

iEdge 360 is designed with rapid configurability and commissioning in mind. A typical iEdge 360 device, with its complement of 7 to 8 sensors, take 30 minutes of configuration and connectivity validation.
iEdge 360 allows you to connect with all the leading building management platforms out of the box, leveraging the investment you already made in your building management infrastructure.

Building IQ

The strength of iEdge 360 for smart buildings lies in CIMCON’s strength in use of building automation standards. You can rely on CIMCON’s iEdge 360 to meet interoperability requirement for buildings across regions.

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Device Integration

The first step towards smart building transformation is integration of all building assets, including sensors, equipment, and appliances onto an IoT Edge platform.


An IoT Edge platform like CIMCON iEdge 360 correlates, filters, and processes data to derive useful summary information as well as to identify alarms and events.

Trends and Analytics

iEdge 360 employs trained machine learning models to identify trends such as unusual energy consumption patterns and building occupancy patterns.


Occupant building use has an impact on equipment function. Therefore, information such as fire alarm and smoke detection events combined with access and occupancy patterns detects maintenance and repair needs of frequently used equipment and appliances.


The iEdge 360 platform provides definitive guidance in the form of visualized reports, enabling building managers to easily formulate safe usage policies for the building.

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Real Time Intelligence

iEdge 360 lets you take full advantage of you smart building system by putting the machine-derived intelligence to work for you in real time with corrective and predictive actions, increasing efficiency and preventing accidents or malfunctions.


CIMCON iEdge 360 platform makes this high level of automation simple through its user-configurable workflows. Users define rule-based workflows which notify the user or automatically control equipment. If the iEdge 360 platform detects unusual conditions, alarms, or other events of interest, it performs actions customized to your unique building system.

Process Automation

The final step in transforming you building into a smart building is process automation. All connected equipment and appliances are operated by a centralized computer via edge devices. IoT edge devices such as CIMCON iEdge 360 relay control commands to connected equipment and appliances from the central computer.

This allows you to automate equipment switching on or off based on schedules, environmental conditions, unexpected events, and the device’s derived intelligence.

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Because of iEdge 360, a fully automated smart building will manage its equipment and appliances like a human user. The iEdge 360 platform deploys several workflow engines, such as the widely used Node-Red flow engine, to automate the sequence of actions in response to sensor data, alarms, schedulers, and inputs from machine learning models.

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