Data Drives
Digital Transformation

The fun begins once you successfully connect your assets, and your data is available in the cloud. You will start to realize the benefits of digital transformation. This data contains invaluable information about your assets, how they are performing, and if they are at risk of failing in the future. If you listen to what the data is saying, you can avoid costly asset failures and downtime. This improves your bottom line in today’s highly competitive environment. 

Data Lake

With CIMCON Digital ’s intelligent iData platform, all your structured, semi structured or fully unstructured data is securely stored in iData’s Data Lake. This data can be easily accessed by authorized developers, data scientists, and analysts for tasks such as reporting, visualization, advanced analytics, and machine learning.


Data Visualization

iData allows you to create rich data visualization dashboards and enable remote device control in real time. More than 30 customizable widgets allow you to build custom dashboards for your business. Each dashboard can contain multiple widgets that visualize data from multiple devices. Dashboards are lightweight; you can have as many dashboards as you want. A wide range of widgets are available on the iData system out of the box:

Digital and analog gauges

Digital and analog gauges

For the latest real-time values visualizations

Map widgets

Map widgets

For tracking movement and the latest positions of devices or assets on Google or OpenStreet maps

Card widgets

Card widgets

To enhance your dashboards with flexible HTML labels based on static content or the latest telemetry values from devices.

Highly customizable Bar and Line charts

Highly customizable Bar and Line charts

For visualization of historical and sliding-window data points



Control widgets that allow sending GPIO toggle commands to devices

You can also add your own widgets to the widget library. Easily replicate your dashboards using the export and import features.

Data Insights

With iData, you can convert your dataset into insights, simplifying the decision-making process. iData allows you to:

Data Integration with Enterprise Applications

Data can be pushed or fetched using iData APIs.

Device and server-side APIs are provided.

Device APIs are grouped by the communication protocols they support:


Server-side APIs are available as REST API:

Server-side APIs are available as REST API

Two-way integration is possible. Data can be fetched from iData and loaded into any third-party Enterprise applications using these APIs. Any third-party applications can also be integrated into iData using custom menus or added to dashboards using HTML Cards

Platform Integrations

The platform integrations feature was designed with two deployment options:

The job of iData Integration is to provide secure and reliable API bridges between core platform features (telemetry collection, attributes, and RPC calls) and specific third-party platform APIs.

What’s under the hood

End to End iEdge 360 Platform Architecture

You don’t really need to understand all this technical jargon but if you are the type that needs to know everything before you would drive, here you go!

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