CIMCON Digital’s iEdge 360 Platform for
Smart Water

Clean water is essential for life, yet 70% of the world population does not have access to it. CIMCON’s iEdge 360 Platform has helped cities and municipalities efficiently deliver water throughout its lifecycle for over 20 years. Whether it be water generation, water treatment, or wastewater treatment, iEdge 360 provides actionable insights to improve process efficiency.

A Comprehensive and Proven Smart Water Platform for Water Generation, Distribution and Sewage

The potential for digital transformation in each and every phase of water management is huge and includes smart solutions for water generation, water distribution and water and wastewater treatment.

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Water Distribution Management

Smart water distribution systems solve many water distribution management challenges. Data gathered from smart sensors such as pressure sensors, and flow meters can be analysed to increase the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment plants.

Electrically actuated valves control the flow of the water in real time.

Remote health and performance monitoring of water distribution assets using artificial intelligence and machine learning applications detect anomalies early, reducing maintenance costs.


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Water Treatment Plants

Sensors can be used to administer water quality parameters like turbidity, pH, total dissolved solids, and salinity. This not only allows utilities to provide their customers with clean water, but also prevents equipment and pipeline corrosion due to water contaminants. “Digital Twins” help monitor and optimize the water treatment plant’s function, optimize energy and chemical usage, and provide data-driven insights for efficiency improvements. It makes it easy to be proactive about finding and solving the problem rather than having to scramble when problems crop up.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Data from flow meters, energy meters, and water quality sensors provide valuable insights into the operational efficiency of the plant. Wastewater treatment plant’s “Digital Twin” is used to monitor real-time water quality. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models provide decision support systems to increase efficiency, fix problems quickly, and effortlessly increase regulatory compliance.

iData Integration with Enterprise

How the Solution Works


Our end-to-end solutions provide cities and municipalities with actionable insight into their entire water management system in 3 steps. The iEdge 360 device connects to a variety of water instruments shown below. iEdge 360 uses wired and wireless networks to communicate with water assets distributed over a large geographical area throughout a city. It then communicates this data back into the cloud using a multitude of available networks.

CIMCON Digital’s iCloud

Outcomes: KPI’s


Once assets are connected, cities and municipalities can manage their entire water system from a central location using KPI’s and map-based data visualization. This increases water distribution efficiency and quality of water delivery service for citizens. Cities can manage water levels, water quality, water distribution and disposal from the comforts of their offices.

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Enterprise Wide Bird’s Eye View

Provides visualization for enterprise and machine wide drill-down to identify bad actors, and further contributing/influencing parameters.

View Machine Hierarchy

Machine hierarchy makes it easy to track machines, sub sections, KPI’s and other related parameters, helping to identify the root cause of failures and prevent expensive breakdowns.

View Machine Health Status

Monitor KPI’s & analyze individual parameters in various Time and Frequency charts. Select Parameters and understand correlation, trend, and rate of change to decide further action.

Taking the Next Step: Preventive Maintenance

Implementation of predictive maintenance is a “journey” that starts with collecting water and wastewater system data. Then this data is analysed by advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to give you a true predictive maintenance system.

iEdge 360 Platform

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the iEdge 360 system acts as your best machine SME. It reviews sensor data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CIMCON digital solutions improve asset availability, reduce

maintenance costs, and improve industrial safety.

The Last Step – Building a Digital Twin

Leveraging the latest advances in Artificial intelligence technology, Machine learning algorithms, and multivariate statistical modelling of equipment data it is now possible to build a Digital Twin of your entire water management system. This Digital Twin can then be used to study the behaviour of the system over wide range of operating conditions and optimizing performance over prolonged period. It can provide answers to questions like “What do I need to budget for maintenance this summer?”

Industrial AI to Build Digital Twin
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Sensor Data Quality

Sensor data quality plays a vital role in industrial IoT applications as they are rendered useless if the data quality is bad. Artificial Neural network-based sensor data validation algorithms identify outliers, missing data, constant value, stuck at zero, and filter bad data from useful data. This helps to increase data science productivity and accuracy of anomaly detection and diagnostics models significantly.

Anomaly Detection & Diagnostics

Control room operators/subject matter experts who monitor number of assets/parameters have limited ability to visualize small changes in individual sensor behaviors and identify correlation with other sensor or machine faults. In SCADA/PLC, the threshold value set for alerts by the plant or OEM are for warning and protection and cannot detect small changes in sensor deviation. In reality, most equipments fail as a result of slow-progressing fault modes and faults progressing independent of time.

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