CIM 10

The most versatile IoT edge platform that drives digital
transformation at scale within budget and on time

To enable digital transformation in the water, manufacturing, and building industries, CIM 10 makes it simple, secure, and efficient to connect plants anytime, anywhere.

The CIMCON Edge 360 platform provides an Edge platform with a secure cloud environment and all the necessary technology to make digital transformation directly accessible to industry in an effort to encourage and ease the IIoT transition among various industries.


Through operational excellence, CIM 10 supports industry needs to increase performance from your assets, collaborate better, and generate more value from your current systems, resulting in greater business agility, quicker insight, lower operating costs, and quicker ROI from digital transformation projects.


By streamlining processes, acting before any deviation or fault occurs, optimizing operations, and enhancing safety, CIM 10 assists industry in conducting business in real-time and making better decisions.


IoT in a Box Solution ​

Edge Connectivity

OT Device connectivity And Data Acquisition

  • Easy connectivity to southbound OT devices and sensors at the edge.
  • Connectors for many industrial protocols, e.g. Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet, OPC UA, OPC DA, ProfNet*, Ethernet IP*
Edge Command and Control

Edge Computing
At Core

  • Processing at Edge
  • Python SDK support
  • Custom AI/ML Application support
  • Anomaly Detection Module for Machine diagnostics
  • Email & SMS service
  • X 509 Security certificate support
Edge Intelligence

Data Integration to Public and Private Cloud

  • Easily share your edge data to a choice of northbound Cloud and IT systems using MQTT Protocol
  • Built-in support for steaming to the main clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure using.

Dashboards and

  • Manage the hierarchy of customers
  • Advanced management of user roles and permissions.
  • Rule Engine & Email Alerts
  • Application Security
  • Customized Widgets
  • Out-of-Box dashboard for OEE, Machine Health, Energy Analytics, and Performance Monitoring

Edge Management Software

Key Features

CIM 10 provides an end-to-end IIoT solution for all your remote service, monitoring, and maintenance needs from hardware to the Cloud. It is the next-generation Industrial IoT platform, built with capabilities to create IoT solutions for various industrial use cases. It supports a number of different protocols to support a variety of industrial equipment types in monitoring, asset tracking, and preventive maintenance.

Secure and Relaible

Easy To Install and Configure

Remote Access

User Management

No Code Environment

White Labelling

Alarm and Notification

Historical Configurable Data

Application Areas








Oil & Gas Distribution Network

Gas Compressor and Dispenser Monitoring

With multiple wired and wireless connectivity options CIM 10 can act as a Protocol Converter/Gateway to cater to any legacy application upgrade requirement in a plug-and-play manner.

Professional Services ​

On-site/off-site Discovery value assessment

Use case identification and design solution blueprint

Application engineering and development support

Training & Remote support

On-site support

SME support

Application Engineering Services 


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