Deploying Digital
Transformation at Scale

Deploying Digital Transformation at Scale

Once you have all the necessary connectivity tools as part of the CIMCON iEdge 360 device, you need an easy way to deploy it enterprise-wide. This includes assets that are geographically distributed across the globe. CIMCON Digital’s iCloud handles deployment for you, allowing hundreds of thousands of edge devices to be quickly provisioned, authorized, and authenticated from a web-based, centralized management platform.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Bulk Provisioning

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Advanced Role-Based Access Control for Devices and
iCloud is designed to give users or user groups that interact with the same devices and assets different permissions based on their job roles. RBAC provides system administrators the ability to create roles with a flexible set of permissions, assign roles to exact user groups and grant specific permissions to particular user groups.
Rule Engine

Rule Engine is an easy-to-use framework for building event-based workflows. Rule engine is used to preprocess, transform and filter data. It filters data, manages alarms, aggregates data, sends RPC commands, and integrates with external pipelines like Kafka, Spark and AWS services.

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iCloud notifies users of conditions that require immediate attention by e-mail or SMS. These notifications include a report generated by the system that allows quick decisions and actions.

The iEdge manager allows user to schedule automated reports, RPC commands, and entity attribute updates.

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iData Integration with Enterprise

iCloud continuously monitors device connectivity, triggering events whenever a device connects or disconnects. These events are pushed to the Rule Engine so users can define a workflow to respond to these events.

iCloud’s over-the-air (OTA) upgrades are essential for systems that are deployed at scale. iCloud offers a simple, effective way to OTA upgrade multiple devices with a single click of the mouse. It also tracks updates to ensure that each device is upgraded in a timely manner.

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What’s under the hood

End-to-End Edge Platform Architecture

You do not really need to understand all this technical jargon but if you are the type that needs to know everything before you would drive, here you go!

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