Reduce Unplanned Downtime with our
Predictive Maintenance Solution

Improve Machine health with our latest AI/ML technology embedded with actionable insights

With the advent of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance has gained huge popularity in maintaining the machine health. Predictive maintenance is aimed at reducing costly and unplanned downtimes and offers the organizations to plan maintenance schedules in advance for increased efficiency. According to McKinsey, predictive maintenance typically reduces machine downtime by 30% to 50% and increase machine life by 20% to 40%.

CIMCON Digital’s VIBit is an intelligent, powerful and compact sensor that monitors the conditions of machines or equipment’s and predict their failures in advance using the latest AI/ML Technologies to avoid unplanned downtime saving time and money for the owners



Multiple Parameters

Measures triaxial vibration, acceleration, velocity, temperature and noise

Dashboard Analysis

Single dashboard to understand the overall equipment efficiency of assets in waveforms

Real Time

Provide data in real time to check various parameters and assess the machine health

Plug & Play

Plug the device on machines and get data on immediate basis

Advanced AI/ML Model

Various faults detected using the latest AI/ML Technologies

Wired & Wireless Connectivity

Provision to connect the device in both Wi-Fi & RS-485 and send data to edge device or to cloud via Bluetooth

Machine Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics Solution

Our Cloud-based Health Management platform is a powerful tool in reducing maintenance spending and increasing Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) by proactively identifying detrimental system conditions prior to catastrophic machine failure by using an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) model to provide FFT graph analysis, asset health monitoring, real-time data, and historial data. It provides a dashboard which helps you understand the overall equipment efficiency of assets in the form of waveforms. This further reduces unplanned downtime, increases equipment availability, and significantly reduces inventory costs.

Visualize the real time status of different vibration parameters. Real time status is shown along with color coded scale based on pre-configured threshold limits. This helps in quick identification of within range or high vibrations. One can also easily co-relate real time status with configured limits. Color coded scale and side by side display of real time status of tri-axial vibrations, helps in proactive decision making.


Use tri-axial FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) to easily identify the cause and location of the vibration. Easily view changes in frequency and amplitude in a waveform and highlight harmonic excitation in a broad frequency range. Pre calculated Overall, VRMS (Velocity Root Mean Square), Min, Mean, Max, etc. helps in quick and better analysis.

See the history of equipment state and the times when FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) are generated. Easily derive various KPIs such as MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) based on this information. User selectable time period helps in analysis based on any time range.




Decrease Downtime

Help reduces unplanned downtime by predicting failures in advances

Eliminates Human Error

Analyzing large volumes of data manually is very difficult. VIBit keeps a close watch on all your assets and analyzes the data 24 X 7

Reduced Service Costs

Reduce service costs by planning well in advance and not needing to store multiple parts unnecessarily

Improved safety

Predict failures in advance helps the organizations to take action and make sure the machines are working in an optimal and efficient manner

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