Your Plant is talking, are you Listening?

Just like you visit the doctor, your industrial equipment needs a system to monitor its health.

Last week, I visited a doctor for a throat infection. The doctor checked my body temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation level. Then he asked me to open my mouth to see the severity of the infection in my throat. The doctor also asked me few questions to get more context about the infection: When did you consume any cold drinks or ice cream last week? Did you notice this infection after consuming them? Do you smoke? Also, the doctor looked through my medical history on his iPad. Finally, he was able to prescribe the right medicine to help me heal quickly.

After I left his clinic, I could not help but think about the analogy between how the doctor diagnosed my throat infection and how service engineers in an industrial environment analyse the health of industrial equipment and evaluate their performance. After all, I am an engineer to the core!

Here, my question to Industrial Engineers (our machine doctors) working at Original Machine Manufactures and industrial facilities is this: when your plant is talking, are you listening? Your plant, be it machines, pumps, motors, or any other equipment, continuously generates critical data that could provide an in-depth understanding of its health. This data could alert you to potential failures down the line. Data comes in various forms. It could be as simple as the sound or vibrations coming from your motors, the status of multiple lamps on your machines, or the amount of power consumed.

Doctors need sensor readings, such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation to observe human health. You also need a 360° view of your plant and equipment. After all, you are responsible for the health of hundreds of complex machines in your plant. You also need machine sensor data history in various contexts: mechanical health, efficiency, and motor health to diagnose machine faults. With many sensors already installed on the machine, your machine “patient” can provide feedback about its health in real-time 24/7 if it is connected to intelligent anomaly detection and diagnostics platform. Indeed, you can prevent machine breakdown. Repairs can also be less expensive if you prescribe work orders with the correct actionable information.

CIMCON’s digital end-to-end solution uses iEdge 360 intelligent platforms for machine health monitoring, fault detection, and diagnostics, providing you with actionable insight on machine health and performance in 3 simple steps.

How the solution works:

Outcome: Machine Health Key Performance Monitoring (KPI’s)

iEdge provides role-based and KPI-based visualization of data in the enterprise and machine hierarchy view. This mode of data visualization enables fast, accessible analysis. That way, there is more time for the diagnosis and repair of machine faults.

Just like with your health, early, specific, and precise detection of issues is required to keep your plant healthy.

Don’t you think real-time actionable information is vital? Implementation of a Predictive Maintenance solution is secure and straightforward with CIMCON’s iEdge 360 platform. Our engineers can get you monitoring your machine’s health on your computer or mobile device within a few hours. Comment below or email us for a detailed demonstration.

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