Case Study - Water Industry

 Pump anomaly detection and efficiency monitoring system for clear water pump house

Client : UP Jal Nigam, Agra

The Project

The city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh serves a population of 2.2 million people. The clear water pump house with 120 MLD Water Treatment Plant faced consistent issues with frequent pump failures. The pump failures resulted in more significant downtime, water distribution service disruptions and higher operation & maintenance expenses.

The Work

CIMCON integrated three vibration sensors VIBit, pressure sensors, flow transmitters and an energy meter into the “CIMCON Intelligent Edge IoT Platform” for pump anomaly detection & efficiency monitoring.


UP Jal Nigam achieved the following benefits


  • 8 Lakhs INR savings in 1 year
  • 30% reduction in Pump Failures
  • 20% increased operational efficiency
  • 40% reduction in machine downtime

The Solution

CIMCON AI/ML enabled Machine anomaly detection solution monitored Pump health & performance in real-time. 

The solution provided early warning for high vibration and diagnosis of misalignment fault which not attended on time leads to bearing failure.

Recommendations to client maintenance team

  • Looseness of bolts at the motor end

  • Fan motor vibration due to fan bearing jamming

  • Fan blade bend/cuts.

The RTU was responsible for the following functions


Acquire data from the flow meter and energy meter. Log & Store data with time stamping, and retain it even in case of power failure.


Configurable data transmission frequency. Can transmit data to the remote central station as per programmed schedule.


Make the flow rate, pressure, temperature, voltage & Current data available at the central station and to predefined mobiles on request. Any alarm generated is reported to the central station through SMS automatically independent of the normal data transmission schedule.


Remotely monitor all the parameters for improving the machine health

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